Catching Summer Graphic Design & Illustration

Design for your journey – with a goal in mind.

Welcome! We have over 25 years of combined industry experience. We LOVE what we do and can take your projects from start to finish. {ABOUT – read more…}

We’re based in DFW, but can and do take on projects all over the world –  from a mood boards for a local architecture firm, to fundraising items for wildlife conservation groups in Africa and Vietnam. (Yes, we do pro-bono work!) {PORTFOLIO – see more…}

Not to brag, but we’ve got some great assets to put to work for you! With an in-house illustrator, design team and a screen printing press, we’re ready for anything! We have working relationships with both foreign and domestic printers, so when the time comes to print, we’ve got you covered. {CAPABILITIES – do more…}

Great design is only great if it comes at an affordable price. We think you’ll find our pricing to be simple, fair and quite reasonable. {PRICING – learn more}